Work with Me

My interests are aligned with yours. The fee-based business model focuses on a relationship – the ongoing supervision of the client’s assets under management (AUM), with part of the advisory fees dependent on the performance of those assets.  In a fee-based business model, when you do well, the advisor does well. This encourages a sense of partnership and collaboration in planning your financial future, as opposed to just selling you an investment product here and now.  As a fee-based advisor, I have the same goal you have – the goal of growing your assets.  We both succeed when that happens.  Click Here



Start a Plan

Comprehensive financial planning is a valuable step to help you achieve your financial goals. I will help you identify and prioritize your goals, review your cash flows, investment, retirement plan and taxes. I provide cutting edge planning technology that enables you to gain immediate insight into your financial wellness and identify important adjustments you need to make.   To start your own personal plan simply Click Here;  follow the instructions to create an account and complete an easy to follow 6 step process.  You’ll be able to access your plan real time and monitor your progress.   Click Here